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Makings of a Model Minority

Our Stories


People of Indian descent living in America make up approximately 1% of the American population, but due to their socioeconomic success through high-skilled occupations, academia, politics, and entrepreneurship, they have been called the "model-minority." In order to earn this term (which many view as a complement), Indian Americans, especially those who immigrated prior to 1980, were without support, struggled financially, and often suffered from prejudice and blatant discrimination. Yet, they preserved. But in doing so, they did not complain or retaliate, and in fact, they have continuously remained grateful for being in this country and having access to greater opportunities. This blog is to capture those untold stories of those who laid the groundwork for all of us in the Indian-American Community.

My name is Sai Patel Reddy, a high school junior from New Jersey. My parents and a lot of my family and their friends immigrated in the 1960s and early 1970s, and at weddings, parties, and gatherings, I love hearing their stories. 

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